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Regulatory Affairs

Issuance of insurance policy, ethic committee, IRB application, annual progress report.

Site Management

Site identification and selection, contracting and payment, initiation and activation, onsite monitoring.

Drug logistics and safety management

Reception, review, listing, reporting, and follow-up of serious adverse events. Medical monitoring, clinical supplies logistics.

Project Management

Medical writing, review of the study protocol, patient information sheet, informed consent, and clinical study reports. Project supervision including financial, clinical, and administrative aspects.

Customer Service

Onsite meeting and teleconference with sites for better project coordination. Communication with sponsors.

Community Engagement

Partner with local and national non-profit organizations to raise awareness about clinical trial diversity and address healthcare disparities.

Equi Sciences is revolutionizing the world of clinical research and drug development. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving innovation by embracing diversity. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity in clinical trials, we are committed to ensuring the safety, efficacy, and relevancy of medical treatments.


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